What did the hand say to the face?

I was in the final stages of editing a wedding when I discovered these! Whether it is Jeff or Shannon, they both love to take unflattering shots of me while working! I have to admit, these three are pretty funny. I'm talking to  the sweetest lady, about what, I have no clue. But, I'm quite sure she wasn't threatening to choke me! 
{Notice the little girl in the background}
"What did the hand say to the face?"
Jeff said this one was the best! My goodness, definitely not attractive both ways!
I am frequently caught off guard with wedding pictures "of me." Guests love to take pictures of, 'me taking pictures,' and email or post them to Facebook. Lovely, just lovely, I appreciate these glamour shots being plastered on FB! Their intentions are usually nice, but 99% of the time they are just awful. It's one thing when I have control of who sees these awful images and can explain them. It another   when 700 friends of friends see me  'almost slapping a guest.' A couple things I have learned, 'stay on guard at all times, change that setting on FB, where I can only see tagged images of me and sometimes just defiantly deny it is you.'
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