Camp LaVida

Anna Katherine is off to camp. For an entire week! This is a bit unsettling considering last time, she cried and cried because she was so homesick. She spent a week packing her bags, listing all the things she 'needed' and looking forward to her trip.
The girls insisted we 'not be late.' Top bunks go fast and Anna Katherine just 'had' to have one. (Funny, since she she sleeps every night in a loft bed (top bunk) Wouldn't a bottom bunk be a bit edgy?) We were early. So early, the gates were not open and we were the first campers in the entire camp. They were thrilled to have the pick of the room.
She continued to remind me to send 'bunk mail.' Last year, she swore she was the 'only' camper who didn't get any of these fancy e-mails. She wasn't the one and only. Last year, I never knew about it.  BUT, this year, we purchased the 'platinum' bunk mail plan. 50 bunk mails with pictures for $15. We now just have to manage to write 50 emails in 4 days!  Last night everyone in our entire family (animals included) sent her a bunk mail. Here's the picture attached to Charlie's letter. (he begs for cheese every day of his life)
This is one little girl who will not pass up a chance for fellowship. Our great youth program has ongoing activities.  Anna Katherine rarely passes one up. 
This will be her last stay at GA camp, next school year it's on to the youth department. 
By the end of the week, we are all going to be going into Anna Katherine withdrawals! 
What will we do all week without your sweet smile and sound of your precious sassy mouth?
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