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Today, for the first time, God granted me the opportunity to watch some teen love drama unfold - first hand. It now seems, when boyfriends and girlfriends argue, they do so via text message. They text each other, they text each others friends, their friends friends text them.....aaahhhhh, the cycle, the constant ringing. Don't you need to be working on summer reading!  So today, this mom and dad put an end to the back and forth drama {and decided to encourage summer reading}, Verizon was called and some tweaks were made to a phone line. 
{which to a teen, can be compared to the pain and suffering similar to the man who recently had to amputate his own arm with a dead power tool, while he was stuck in his basement furnace for three days} 
I needed some parenting advice, guidance, reassuring, something other than hearing my husband say again and again, 
 "kids don't need a cell phone until they have a job" or "texting is a tool of the devil" 
So, I call my best buddy, Kelly!  Those of you who know her, this tidbit will not surprise you! For those of you who do not, Kelly is an artist / gifted special education teacher. We have been friends since our big kids were tiny. She moved to Florida several years ago and I miss her terribly. She is the type of friend you treasure!
So today, for an hour, we laughed, traded advice, laughed, complained, whined, laughed and laughed. And, I have decided, along with teaching, painting, picture taking, etc....  Kelly needs to open a suicide hotline. Because, people could pour their biggest problems in the world  on her... and the victim, no matter how distraught or how close the the ledge they were... after a few minutes talking with Kelly, would be hysterically laughing... at her spin on your problem! She has a gift! So, I must pass along her latest teen advice on 'getting the scoop.'
Kelly's latest teen parenting tip... 
*Allow your child to get a Facebook Page
*Control the password
*Encourage them to get 'lots and lots' of friends
*Then, after they go to bed, log onto their Facebook page
*ACTING AS YOUR CHILD, start instant messaging their friends with this one statement:
"Did you hear what I DID"
*Oh the things you will learn!

Absolutely priceless! And, by the end of the conversation.... all was well in teen / cell phone world. So, if you are suicidal and in need of therapy I have her telephone number,  just TEXT me!

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