Garden {take two}

Our garden is growing!  Well, let me restate.... everything I planted died except the tomatoes and they growing-growing! This week I was so proud, we had to buy additional 6ft. steaks! 
Mary Claire takes such pride in her little tomato garden, loving it every day. Ever since she was tiny, she has loved to watch things grow. If she sees a bell pepper in the trash, she will scrape  the seeds into a baggie so she can plant them later. It is so precious - I could cry!
Today was 'vegetable food' day. Mary Claire was feeding them their vitamins.
(miracle grow) We learned from last year to fence the garden off. The deer had a garden party with our plants last year.
And, this is how Mary Claire looks when no one is looking! But, the bangs are growing (imagine them 6mths ago)
She gets so excited! As soon as a tomato shows signs of red.... PICK! 
I'm need need of some recipes that call for two or three cherry tomatoes.

OH, and did I mention we have beans! We have  beans and I didn't plant beans. As we were planting out garden, Mary Claire had gone into the pantry and planted an entire bag of dry 'Five Bean Soup' beans. And they grew! We have laughed and laughed at this! I couldn't get the expensive cucumbers, squash or zucchini to grow. But, she managed to perfect a $1.59 bag of dry beans. Who knows what types of beans will grow, maybe all five! 

This was her first little bean harvest. 8 beans So what should we do with 8 string beans? Make bean fries. (another brilliant idea from my sister)  My kids have grown to love these fries dipped in ranch dressing, they are delicious! Just place them on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with olive oil, sea salt and broil (on low) I would show the finished product, but today, I accidentally broiled them on 'high'... four minutes later and they were toast! Our first harvest was a cooking disaster. {frown} Oh well, maybe our next bean harvest will be black beans.
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