dance, end of year & watermelon

Bennett attended his sweetheart's middle school dance. They looked so sweet. I would LOVE to elaborate on my son's first girlfriend experience, it's definitely blog worthy. Bennett requested me to 'not share his whole life with everyone." So, this subject is off limits. But, every other detail of his life is fair game! {smile} But, I will say it is a pretty neat experience to be great friends with her mom. They live two hours away, but between Ashley and I, we definitely keep tabs.
The end of another school year. I always get very sentimental, because life goes so fast. I get sad just thinking about how fast time passes. Anna Katherine ended the school year with the honor of saying the prayer at Award's Day. It's a big year, next year. Mary Claire starts first grade, Anna Katherine starts middle school and Bennett starts high school. 
My sweet baby nephew. He is growing so fast and is just the cutest little guy! Three things he loves; his mommy-his mommy- and- his mommy.  I have never-ever seen a baby look so much like one parent. He is his daddy's clone. Per Stephen's own father, "As long as he doesn't act like him. " Said with love of course. {wink} And, I promise I did not say that! Honest.
Another Easter season is a wrap! My rabbits performed like pros! By the end of the season, my rabbits actually love children and are incredibly tame! Today we said good-bye to Taylor Swift! She escaped the Graves concentration / work camp alive! She is now living under a new name. (Alice) in an undisclosed location. (because of Charlie the rabbit serial killer) Next year, I am bound and determined to find a 'rent-a-rabbit" This house is just too dangerous for small animals.
After my horrifying bobble head watermelon pictures, I promised a few sweet ones. 
{also to verify I don't always take awful pictures}
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