housework or the lake?

Sunday after church, we had all decided (actually I decided this for everyone) to do a little spring cleaning. The cleaning we always do, the day before the cleaning lady comes. But, it was absolutely beautiful outside and we did get rained out at the lake on Memorial Day. So off we went, without a  fancy picnic, just a few bottled waters and a clump of bananas!

It's a beautiful day, 
let's not let it get away

It will finally be a summer fast tubing! This is the first summer Bennett has wanted to go 'full speed' with his sister. Anna Katherine is absolutely fearless, the faster, the scarier, the better! 
When daddy realized Bennett really was fearless, he had some fun. (as you can see)
While begging to tag along, Charlie temporarily forgot he gets extremely 'boat' sick'  ...and as always, a few minutes into our boat ride, he was queasy! 
(in his defense, the water was extremely rough!)
    (love our dog's ears)
The toys are still scattered!
But,  it was a great day! 

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