beach pictures & a birthday

It's been a week...a great week. After kissing Anna Katherine goodbye, she was off to Look Up Lodge. And, the rest of us were off to Charleston. I was taking beach pictures and daddy was working.  We missed Anna Katherine, but her little sister was in withdrawals missing her!
   Each year, around this same timeour home is overrun with little tree frogs. (You quickly learn not to walk outside after dark, barefoot! ) When we arrived in Charleston, we found two little hitchhikers. These two little guys hitched a ride over 120 miles. (at speeds over 70mph) 
This little guy rode inside the car.
 This little guy rode the entire way clung to the running boards. He was so wind blown and dried out we thought he was no loger alive. But, amazingly, he was. We turned him loose in some wet grass and off her went.
The best beach pictures are taken early in the morning or later in the afternoon. So that left about a great window of time to steal some beach and family time! 
Thursday was the dad's birthday. So we asked, 
"How would you like to spend the day. We will do anything you want to do."
(oops, did I mistakenly say anything? I meant anything except things like this)
I have toured the Yorktown a few times on school field trips. But this tour, I will have to say, it was very interesting. I was a great opportunity to take notes of  things I would include when I write my first horror film. things like:
Sleeping on top of torpedos. in really-really tight, hot spaces. while other things are trying to shoot you.
Oh, and you are 2 miles  underwater!
Did I mention I am terribly afraid of heights?
And the dentist! To know me is to know my fear!  If there is music playing in hell, it is to the tune of a dentist drill. Can you imagine having a tooth ache while on the Yorktown? (I actually think this is a cover for an enemy torture room. Between the two, I would definitely vote for water boarding)
They would have a better chance of strapping me to this operating table and preforming surgery... while I was awake.
It was a very fun tour (all three hours of it) Daddy and Bennett had a fantastic time. They were in their element, reading every plaque and studying every artifact. They even found some time to be really silly!
Wanting dad's birthday to be just perfect, I had my heart set on a nice dinner, by the water! I wanted to sit amongst boats, smell the salt air and eat a slice of birthday cake! Daddy made  a couple calls to friends in Charleston and we decided on Shem Creek Seafood. Salt air, boats, overlooking the marsh, I was thrilled with the atmosphere, just what I had imagined.
Daddy and Bennett loved seafood! Mary Claire is not a huge fan choose chicken. My take on all seafood:
"I like fish as long as it doesn't taste like fish"
Daddy's response,
"Then you don't like fish."
But, the perfect atmosphere and wonderful company made up for the fact that my fish tasted like fish.

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