marine training

I promise, this is last post about my animals, for a while.  I fear that I will blog into.. (I won't say crazy cat lady, because I am a few bad days away from 20 cats) Buta  friend who posts 100 pictures of their beloved dog and experts raving comments about them all. Just a little update on my wounded pooch...who has proven to be quite the wimp. (other than with defenseless hamsters and bunny rabbits)
Stanley, our one and only cat, is my cat and Mary Claire's cat. We are the cat people. And, like Mary Claire, he one tough cookie. Remind you that this cat has been raised under the close care and supervision of Mary Claire. Her technique is to  teach animals survival tactics similar to those in the United States Marines Corp. If an animal makes it through her strict regimen... and lives for us  to tell about it... that's one tough animal.
Last fall, Stanley was grateful for his Marine training. He survived  a vicious dog attack. 
Since then he has instituted a 'no dog tolerance policy.'
 Charlie respects (or fears) this cat. Almost as must as he fears it's mentor, Mary Claire. He would not dare attempt to harm the cat. He knows that he would have a better chance winning a fight with an angry pit bull. The cat avoids him, yet tolerates him.  But, since the injury, Stanley realizes Charlie can't move quickly and has been tourmenting the dog for pure enjoyment. Pouring salt in Charlie's wounds dog bite has been quite entertaining for our cat. Tonight, we heard the dog yelp. We saw Stanley sitting beside Charlie's bed... just staring at him. Charlie wouldn't even look at the cat. "If I do not acknowledge this thing, it will go away."
(excuse the picture quality, I was trying to capture this fast!)
Daddy as always said he does not like cats. This is a picture of the day the world temporarily stopped turning in our house. Mary Claire came and said, "Look mommy's, daddy is holding the cat." Knowing this event was blog newsworthy.
 Daddy, now the cat is out of the bag, you cat lover, you! Stanley's thought towards our head of the household:
When you think you're a person of influence, 
try ordering the cat around. 

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