minus one at the beach

We enjoyed a nice day at the beach. It would have been much nicer if Anna Katherine and daddy could have joined us! Daddy was working and Anna Katherine was on a church trip. Bennett didn't want to be seen sitting with his mom and little sister. {not cool} Her set up camp at least 30 feet behind us, trying to look like he was alone. The matching chairs and his sister screaming his name every five minutes blew his cover!
Mary Claire found something unique. Bennett said it was called 'dead mans fingers.' Not quite sure about that, but it kept her entertained half an hour! Any and every child on the beach that would listen, she was showing her 'dead man's fingers!'
Mary Claire  found a hermit crab. Then, we had to reel through a hundred names for her pet. I suggested 'stinky' because after two days in a bucket, the name will fit! There was no leaving the beach without her new pet.
JOE Cool
After her first treasure, Mary Claire was on alert for weird beach finds.
 'Mommy, COME here, I found a brain. I think it's a dead man's brain.' 
This was enough to get Joe Cool to come and check it out and make a scientific identification.
(it really did look like a brain)
Mary Claire really missed her sister! They are big playmates and at times, she was quite lonely.
One of my favorite summertime treats is getting time to read. {this was not going to happen today with Mary Claire needing mom as her playmate} I'm still not quite sold on this book. I'm  a "closet OPRAH watcher." She recommended it. So far, it is a little too new age; meditating, Yoga, chanting, all God's are the same Gods.....things along those lines. The movie looks fantastic, but I'm quite sure I will not finish this book. 
{and, as for the diet coke. I am proud to say, due to my brittle, bleached bones... I am down to one a day!}
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