swim team's sudden fan

Bennett, my swim team hater, has now become a swim team lover! Day one, he was not a fan to put it nicely. "This is not how I want to spend my summer."  But, after day two, he was in love with swim team. The first child up, dressed and ready for the 9am practice! Today, I had a chance to sit and watch a practice. This may explain his sudden change of heart. His super cute college swim coach!
Bennett is usually a very good diver.
Today, she was trying to teach Bennett this:
She is a fantastic teacher! (not to mention absolutely adorable!)
She was showing him exactly what he needed to do!
Some of the daddy's were even considering joining themselves! One commented, you can't beat hands on learning like that!
After that great hands on instruction, Bennett's nerves were obviously torn to pieces. Because this dive looked nothing like hers! (notice the girls watching in the background)

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