swimming in the rain

It would love to say it was the perfect night for a swim meet....
We arrived at 5:00 to warm up, meet starting at 6:00. But, right as the first race was to start, we heard thunder. Which means out of the pool for 30 minutes. So, for the next 30 minutes we kept hearing thunder, meaning: start the 30 minutes over! Finally, at 7:00 the first race began. Just as the kids were lining up, the sky opened wide! Approximately 150 swimmers and their approximately 2 adults each and all of their belongings, squeezed under the concessions shelter, while the race went on! It was mass chaos for about half an hour!  I was  trying to stay dry and snap a few pictures of Mary Claire.
It was hard to find her, they all look alike! I focused in on what I thought was her. 
After about 20 pictures, I realized this was not my child. She was sitting under the shelter eating a soggy hotdog. In all the chaos, he had missed her race! 
(she may have missed her race, but she was dressed 
and ready to fly an airplane)
Anna Katherine did great! She always has wonderful sportsmanship and such a great attitude! She brought home two second place ribbons. (the writing on her arm are their list of races)
Bennett meant business! He was operating in full gear, his school competitiveness coming out! He is an incredibly fast swimmer! Two relay first places and one personal second place!
Mary Claire ended up racing in the team relay!  She did great and was so-so cute! 
We finished the evening damp and sticky! But, Camden Country Club did an outstanding job and brought home a ton of ribbons!

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