Think BIG

I am a huge fan of Kelly Ripa. I think she is absolutely adorable. If there was a Kelly Ripa fan club, I would join! If there's not one, maybe I should start one!  Days when I work in my office, from 10:00-10:30, I screen out calls and find he most mindless computer work I can do for that 30 minutes. {mindless, as in 'taking a picture of my tv screen and uploading it to the computer and then taking a picture  my tv screen with my cell phone, so I can text it to  hubby!} I was already excited about a few hours of a quiet house, getting caught up at work!  A quiet house wasn't my only morning treat! 
Mr. Big + Kelly Ripa = a great day
Mr. Big was on Regis and Kelly! Could I have special ordered a better combination! 
{well, except substituting me for Kelly-winkThink BI
Except for Michael Jackson, when I was much younger, I have never really had a celebrity crush.  That is until hubby & I got hooked on Sex in the City and I met Mr. Big. {yes mom. I have watched every episode of Sex in the City. the TBS version. the PG version. and yes, the kids were in bed.}  I had forgotten  how much I loved him, until I started looking for a picture for this post. And yes, my husband knows, I have his blessing and he loves to tell everyone. {because he loves to hear 'you two favor each other' which I think they do and I know that plays a large role in my crush}  After Sex in the City ended, Mr. Big and I, kinda broke up.  He joined  Law & Order. I tried and tried, but he just wasn't as ----you know---hot!  I blame the writers!  But, this week hubby & I will see SIC movie number two! It doesn’t  matter if the movie is dreadful. As long as I get a couple of hours alone with him in the dark!  {wink}

I am laughing at myself right now {and so is my husband and he reads this over my shoulder). Yes, I have a major crush on Mr. Big.  How many episodes was he even on? Like 20? Who knows, but  I watched every single one of them. twice!
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