city meet champ & camp Honey

Bennett takes FIRST place in his division at the SC City Meet! We were thrilled and amazed!
{and by a huge lead} 
The meet was last Sunday, the day we were to leave for Camp Honey. Our plan was to go to the meet at 2:45, come home, put on PJ's and leave for the mountains. But, we know our family  rarely proceeds as planned and with the thrill of victory, we decided to celebrate and leave a day late. Which makes for a long day in the car!
First stop, the farm for our annual picnic! Lots of construction was going on this year, so we had to shift our location by a few feet. This year's picnic picture was taken by me... and my self timer. Explaining why I look half dazed, dashing back, trying not to twist my ankle, smiling and looking all together in 5 seconds... didn't happen.
Anna Katherine is always such a big help. A world class babysitter!
Big Cousin Bennett... is always a hit! There were daily fights over 'who' would ride on his shoulders.
Except for Mary Claire. Her brother is old hat for her. We commented on how pitiful she looked here, not having shoulders to ride. 
So, Aunt Giggle decided to hook her up! 
Mary Claire, forever a jokester, could not resist evoking a roar of laughter!
Off they went!
Her latest and greatest earth mom gadget was the trick! 
From toting tiny babies to a 50lb. first grader! 
This picture sums up what my mom did the entire trip... 'hold the baby', as the kids would say. He definitely won the 'best behaved bay award.' 
{that is unless you put him down, ignored him or strapped him in a car seat. You would think his car seat was lined with needles}
 It was a great trip. So many cute stories. And, I was lucky enough to return with almost 1000 edited down pictures! I won't share them all, but I will share a few over the next few blogs!

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