Fourth of July

Another great 4th of July spent with family and friends!
 Thank you to Roger & Glady Smoak
Baby Roger usually loves his life vest! This gives a small glimpse at how much he looks like his daddy!
The kids enjoyed swimming.... in the middle of the lake! Anna Katherine was trying to get them all safely back to the boat.
The water on Lake Wateree was the roughest we have seen it. The kids could spend all day tubing, but not today. Beside dodging the army of boats, we also had to contend with the huge waves. Each child took one short tube ride. After having their teeth jarred or biting their tongue, they had had enough. I was afraid there could be major neck injury with the rides being so rough. (below is Anna Katherine and her friend Amelia. Each year, her family spends the 4th with a large group of our church across the cove.  Every year, we pick her up for a tub ride. She is fearless just like Anna Katherine)

Bennett finally had a boy to hang out with. He had a great time with his pal, Thomas. Two boys natured a lot alike!

Mr. Smoaks's huge pile of sand has been a hit! It was not intended to be one huge sand box, but the kids absolutely love it! The boys had a great time burying the girls in the sand

Bennett buried Mary Claire straight up (like a nail), she was not a fan. I had to finally dig her out.

Then, it was time for crafts. Missy Ward's craft time is a huge hit every year. Anna Katherine says it is her favorite thing! Missy is so kind to do this for the children!

Notice Liza hiding under the game!

While, the girl's love the crafts, Bennett always loves the games!

Baby Roger soaking up this beautiful day! It was the first 4th of July I can remember, that is was not scorching HOT!
Can we go a day without technology? (aka:cell phones)
Not a chance! (notice Stephen checking email and Jeff tinkering with the boat! common sights)
We ended this day with the incredible firework show. It an awesome sight to view these from a boat!
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