gypsies hit the beach

An afternoon at the beach with our family resembles a
community of traveling gypsies. I do not think there is a more traumatizing task than 'getting' to the beach! 120 degree sand, a tot who is barefooted, 2 miles of beach just to get to the shore, a fifty pound cooler because it is 116 degrees, a teen who refuses to carry a boogie board - so not cool , live fish bait and then..... when we are all set up.....mommy, I have to go to the bathroom...(you know the bathroom)
Mary Claire practicing her "gym-ass-kicks"
(as she calls it)
Mary Claire tries to feed the seagulls her cutie.
By day 2, the kids had lost all ocean inhibition . They ventured farther and farther, at times not being able to touch the bottom! After the threat of jelly fish and rip currents didn't bring them closer to shore, I did what any good mom would do...
"Played the I think I see a shark card"
{it worked}
About an hour later a baby sand shark (only about 18 inches) washed up between Bennett and another fisherman. "I told you I saw a shark." {smile}

My beach reading material. Crazy Love, so far, is outstanding!
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