Hogg's & Honey

I couldn't resist the photo-op with honey and all of her little hogs. We set out in 100 degree weather for some high class shopping.... as you will see!
Our mission, off to spend a little of their money. I learned many years ago, that it is in my best interest to give my kids a dollar amount to spend on vacation. They tend to weigh their purchases a little more when they realize the money pit is not bottomless. Sometimes, they hold onto their dollars until the very-very end and then we are begging them just to buy anything/something so we can be on our way. They immediately spotted this lovely toy store. (notice the classy wig shop next door)
Well, what did you expect... don't tell me not to photograph something! Is this a dare? {smile}
Then, I sat and thought about this sign for a minute... Just what exactly made these wig owner put this sign on this pretty lady. Can you imagine all the high class shoppers walking (maybe even stumbling) by and having themselves photographed in all kinds of poses with this pretty lady? I would probably have put this sign up , too.
Woo-Hoo, I thought this day would never come. My unicorn loving child didn't leave Build-a-bear with the tackiest animal! We all agreed, Sarah Anne's yellow string bikini ice cream bear won the prize! Conveying to tell Sarah Anne that this outfit  is tacky is just as hard as telling Mary Claire her unicorn sporting a Justice blue jean outfit is tacky. 
{not happening}
Liza decided to wait on the bear outfit. She choose a possum ball and some black hair. I think her purchase may just surpass Sarah Anne's! 
But, she would not be outdone. She choose blue steaks... 
Yes, I know! I know my 5ft. first grader is too big for a stroller. {she's not quite that tall}  But, I hate carrying all of our stuff. I will have all teenagers and still be pushing a stroller. Often, my kids were way ahead of me. People kept commenting, 'Your kids are so cute.' haha!
I wanted so bad to say, "I have fertility problems." But, Honey didn't think that was funny.
My mom asked why I was taking pictures of the candy apples. I told her I was going to post them on my blog, say I made them and then give everyone my secret recipe. My sister's response, "You are so retarded."  
I know someone who won't be getting my  secret recipe!
{Google the recipe, I have no clue}
My big kids are such great sports! While the little ones resemble mini tornadoes, they are the calm during the storm!

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