off roading & dollywood

I'll start with the story of my mom and her sense of direction. In fact, I think I'll end our vacation another story involving mom and her sense of direction. Ever since our mission trip to West Virginia, when the GPS had us driving off cliffs and into the driveways of meth labs, (with a caravan of people following us), we have had our GPS faith tested.  We know they can lie! So, instead of following the GPS to the cabin, she gives the map to Bennett.
 We explored roads rarely traveled in mini vans in search of our cabin. The picture below was right after the caravan was stopped and my sister lost it. The two cabins we passed while off roading,  "Close to Heaven" and "Time Well Wasted" summed up our excursion. If there had only been a cabin named "To Hell and Back"  it would have been just perfect. The roads were SO small my huge car barely made it. I'm sure we passed a few of those meth labs I mentioned earlier. I just kept thinking, "PLEASE don't let the cabin be up here, because if so, I'm going home", I am afraid of heights, but I am more afraid of  plunging to my death in a SUV full of precious kids!" My mom, who was diving my sister's van, was the lead car. I can't even describe her driving skills tis day (without my brother in law getting really mad), but I can say I never knew a Honda minivan could perform so well off road! By the end of this 15 minute cliff tour everyone's nerves were shot! My car had been quiet, the kids with me were scared. But inside the minivan was a different story. The baby had been screaming and Bennett had been cheering Honey on "do it, do it, do it!" When the cars stopped at the bottom of the mountain, people flew out of them like they were on fire. 
Thank God, my mom was able to 'pop' my sister's bumper back in place!
The size of the roads we traveled, we started on the road on the right made a 15 minute loop at angles not meant for cars, to the tip top of the mountain and down. The two cabins were at the bottom. A Deliverance type community was at the top. 
Our cabin was one mile down the road in a nice tourist community.
First scheduled activity; Dollywood 
The first year we visited this park, I cringed to even say the name {I'm still not fond of the name} I thought it was just the tackiest park ever. But, little to my surprise Dollywood is a beautiful, clean, unique theme park. Lesson learned, 'Don't judge a park by it's cup size.'
Tacky would be the Titanic theme museum that features a huge ship, hitting an iceberg, while water spews up.  THAT was definitely in poor taste (and we visited it, I'm ashamed to say)
Baby boy was on his best behavior!
We didn't purchase these 'beautiful' animals. The games are never crowded. So, if our kids play against each other, one is bound to win. Just do that a few times and everyone get the experience of winning a tacky toy! I do not think the girls even know who Garfield is.

The heat was almost unbearable. We rode several water rides and didn't mind getting wet. Once, a theme park operator rode this ride with us. He knew just how to maneuver the boat for the maximum splash experience. We were soaking, sopping wet! 
I temporarily forgot I was a chicken and hated heights. I hadn't ridden a ferris wheel in years, it was so scary, partly because every time it started up it squeaked and moaned, in desperate need of grease or maintenance! 
Anna Katherine was such a trooper, riding any and everything with the kiddos! Even when her legs didn't fit inside the ride.
The shows were great. After this balancing act, my big kids were balancing things for the rest of the trip.
Bennett being Bennett!
Honey, doing what she does best;
Hold the baby
{it was often a fight over who would hold the baby}

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