One of my favorite things about summer is ‘little family get-aways!” We enjoyed a wonderful long weekend with Jeff’s entire family. A family I have loved and adored for almost 20 years now. But, we returned home to NO telephone/Internet service! A major pain when your work depends on the Internet! So, so sorry for the delay! 

Jeff’s family being very musically talented, the excitement began Friday night with lots of music. We sat on Honey’s screened in porch laughing, catching up and listening to music way into the night. Not, to mention eating...

Below are two of the three people I love picking on the most are in this family (the other person being my other brother in law Stephen) But, I have had to tame the ’picking’ on my father in law. As he gets older he can’t come back at me as quickly, so I end up feeling guilty. But, Mike is one of the master's of a 'come back.'
My mother-in-law passed away when Bennett was 2, Henry has been married to Ruth for at least ten years. She is a saint and we love her to pieces!
Saturday morning around 4am, nature put a spin on our weekend. “You never know what you got til it’s gone” The electricity in the entire cove went OUT! So at 4am, the guys are looking for flashlights, stumbling for breakers and doing a good bit of complaining. Jeff call the power company at 4:30 am, only to hear a recording stating the 
'power will be restored Monday by 11am.’
{The complaining was then kicked up a few notches}
Saturday morning was hot, but quiet at the cabin. Instead of Rhonda’s fabulous Paula Dean breakfast casserole, pancakes, sausage....... I traveled up the mountain (2000ft up) to fetch a bag full of McDonald’s biscuits and their ‘million dollar’ coffee. 
(We soon discover a tree had fallen on the power lines and power should be restored by 3pm)
OH, and did I mention there is also no water when the electricity is out! All electric pumps, which means NO BATHROOMS!
So we all were off to the river, for a great morning/afternoon of tubing-kayaking. Along with the other 1,000  tubers on the river. 
There is nothing better than ‘people watching’ while tubing on the river, quite entertaining.
We noticed Mike's tube loosing the air half way through our trip.
I was able to get through the last hard rapid first, of course to take pictures! Rhonda flipped, perched on a rock and then was mowed over by about 4 tubers hooked together. 
Mike flipped, lost his sunglasses, ripped his shoes and cut his foot. (It was like a scene from 'River Runs Wild') He looks below, like he is returning from war!
Poor tube!

Battle scars (bloody foot)
Bennett & David said the heck with this and continued down the river two more miles.

It was a great afternoon!

We returned at 2:30, dirty, sticky, sandy and still no power. By 3:00, still nothing, so many of us opted to bath in the river (with the 1,000 tubers I mentioned earlier) I am, as you know,  afraid of snakes. With my soap and towel in hand, I could not make myself do it, remembering all the times I had seen snake slide out from under those rocks. So , instead I bathed (in my swim suit) at my mom neighbors artesian well. A cool fountain of ice cold mountain water right beside the road.When cars would pass, I would stop washing.... Knowing this could resemble an x-rated movie in the mind of the wrong mountain person.

And, of course..... Murphy’s Law..... when returing around 3:15, the power was restored!
And, suddenly all was well.... We enjoyed the Mast General Store, dinner at The Outback and a late night movie.
Our quick family photo 
(minus baths and ironing)
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