Paddle faster....I hear banjo music!

Bluegrass has brought more people together and made more friends than any other music in the world.    Bill Monroe
Tuesday night entertainment at a Bulegrass Pickin' Parlor  is guaranteed. Especially  when you combine my husband, his brother, Bennett, college professors, doctors, a few construction workers, several middle aged ladies and lots of other souls. It's like a melting pot of professions. Or shall I say cornucopia of personalities.
The night wouldn't be complete without this gentleman.  Arriving at the pickin parlor, straight from his jungle dance safari! Gotta love those 'Joe Boxer' flannel PJ pants. (we soon find out he owns half of this small town and is a multi millionaire. His past times are 'dancercising' and  smoking a little too much marijuana from the tops of his magnolia trees - seriously) 
Check out his "sweet dance moves"
 On the way home we played,
 How many comments can you make in 20 seconds.

Bennett especially loves Tuesday nights. He doesn't want to leave until the last song is played, maybe because of his small fan section.  The 'tweens' swoon like  he is bluegrass' next Justin Bieber heartthrob! 
{I will be deleting this comparison after h reads it!)
Uncle Mike... a fiddle playing fool.
Mary Claire has proven incapable of listening to bluegrass for two hours. She is 'up/down, up/down, half the night. I know driving the older guests nuts. This week she brought along her art things. Guests watched her as she took out her watercolor paints, "how is she going to paint without water." Just as I thought....I stopped her right before she spit on the tip of her paint brush! The audience thought it was almost as funny as the safari dancer!
Next week they announced there will be 'BBQ and a bounce house'
Bennett siad, 'I think that bounce house was  just for Mary Claire. It's probably just a mattress in a cage so she will sit still." Don't worry MC, your mother will feed you some baked beans though the bars!"
The homemade ice cream was a hit. It reminded me that I have not gotten out my churn the entire summer! The peach was good, but the banana was amazing! Fresh ice cream is on our menu for the week!
(Anna Katherine trying to avoid the camera.)
Best comment in our game of "How many comments can you make in 20 seconds."
 was Bennett's. Thus giving me the title of today's blog.
Paddle faster....I hear banjo music!
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