serenading the painter

At the mere mention of 'painting', suddenly my husband is  overwhelmed and up to his eyes in office work. {I can't complain, I play this same card all the time!} We have been  putting off repainting / redecorating the dining room all summer. I even cleared out the cabinets and stacked everything on the dining room table, hoping the mess would motivate us do attack this job sooner. My sister stopped by a few times and finally said our dining room looked like we were having a yard sale. I made our my mind up, this week it would be done! My husband promised! Last night, he talked to a buddy about singing on Saturday. I shot him the look, and he sadly said, like a kid who couldn't come out to play, "Oh yeah, we have to paint."
Well, who would have known... the guy he was talking to was a house painter. His jobs had been slow and he needed some extra work. Great, Jeff would hire him and they together could get it done in half the time. Then, he could start refinishing the china cabinet! 
Here's what I found when I heard music coming from the dining room: 
Serenading a painter, I guess, has been proven to increase productivity!
(after I snuck this picture, he said, "I know why you're taking this" Well, who knows this may start a productivity trend with job foremans everywhere!)
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