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July 1 was "the day" 
The day I was released from the doctor for a fractured ankle and tibia. At first, doctor said, no exercise  (and on crutches) 6 weeks, which turned into 9 weeks, which then turned into a long 12 weeks! (probably because I rarely ever used the crutches, but promised the doctor that I did. His nurse, a great friend of mine, and also went to church together.  She was keeping a watchful, tattle telling eye on me)
Right after my injury, I was sad.... no exercise al all, no even walking, for who knows when.(I ran an average of 30-40 miles per week! It was my cheap form of therapy) And, in years, the longest I had ever gone without exercising was 4 days, and that's when were were at Disney World. I could feel my muscles atrophying as I thought!  
 "what kind of exercise could I do that does not involve my leg?" 
Nothing, per my doctor ! Even swimming involves strain on your tibia. 
weights, I can lift weights (something I have never ever done, ever) So, we bought a small home gym. Determined my upper body and my one good leg would stay in shape!
Mary Claire thought we had built her a personal playground in the playroom. She has now decided she is a 'gymnast' and wants to start taking gymnastics. How about private lessons in the playroom? {smile}
Well... after two weeks of that... it came to an abrupt HALT! My thighs and rear were flabby. Even my good leg was flabby! But my arms were huge! Likely because, I just 'started lifting', no direction at all, I just needed to burn some calories & lift something heavy. 
And I quickly muscled up!
Per Bennett, "Look at mom's guns"  or "Mom, ready for a gun show" Per Mary Claire, "Mommy, you got muscles." Per Anna Katherine, "That doesn't look good"
Seriously, they were huge and absolutely awful - nasty looking! I want lady arms, not man arms. Plus, I am already very small chested and muscled up women loose their 'chest'  I think it liquifies and leaks into their arms. And, I need all of that to stay right where it is, I already shop in the kid's section for heaven's sake. I envisioned if I continued this routine, I would find myself looking like this: 
(except my legs would stay muscleless)
So, for  the majority of my 12 weeks, I have not exercised at all!  I have managed to kick my major diet drink obsession (awful for your bones) and faithfully take my calcium!
 In anticipation for the big day, I bought new custom fit running shoes and stabilizing inserts. I went to "Fleet Feet" near Columbiana Mall, my sister recommended them and I was so impressed! I went in thinking, "I don't care what the look like and I don't care how much they cost, I just want great shoes that will allow me to avoid another injury." Well, after the salesgirl brought out a neon pink pair, I though...OK, I do care what they look like. Then, when paying for them, I thought, OK, I do really care how much these babies cost! But, after today I am convinced they were well worth it! (they don't look great, but feel wonderful)
Heading out the door for my exhibition run {smile-eye roll}, nervous that in an hour I would either be lame  or dead from exhaustion,  I said, "Oh my goodness, this is going to kill me." Mary Claire said, 
"Oh mommy don't die...take your phone!"
But today, out of the gate, I ran an easy three miles, almost pain free! 
I almost cried when I started! It was suggested that I start back running on 'grass', this was new and the weather and sky were beautiful.  
My little run flew by! Most likely because:

1.My ghetto IPOD songs, I was bored to death with,  seemed 'new' after 12 wks
2.My sweet neighbor saw me running in the grass, stopped me and said, "Watch out for snakes, I saw one one that side of the road on Monday." Great, now I have to watch for holes and dodge copperheads!
3.So many news items of litter on the road. When running the same route everyday, you get to know the litter. The black hair weave that has been on the side of the road for years, was gone!
4.Constant worry that one of my crazy neighbors would gun me down for running across their 10 inch strip of grass! (get off my property!)

So happy! Everything is a little sweeter with a little sweaty-quiet-time!

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