tacky {take one}

Camp Honey, here we come! Every year we leave all the daddy's and the granddaddy at home and head to the mountains. The kids start looking forward to this trip at the beginning of the summer. Every year we picnic in this very same spot.
 The kids love to do the same things every year; some of them extremely tacky! Here's a glimpse of some of our more tacky activities.
{amongst vacation traffic}
 notice how terrified a few of the kids look.
Dollywood Splash Mountain
This may not look so tacky.
But, to people watch in this water park...oh my
Mary Claire is in heaven, unicorns were everywhere. .

Parking Lots
There's many things to do in the parking lots of the Smoky Mountains. And, for only a quarter!
Tacky mom's 
letting their kids run wild... in their bathing suits!
Tacky vacation will continue....on my next blog. 

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