Saturday, Shannon drove. While loading my equipment, I was just talking-talking-talking, a mile a minute about my new flash purchase I had been antagonizing over for weeks. 
When I spotted Tanya. 
"Shannon, why is there unassembled a mannequin in your backseat?" 
I tell you, this girl is not right
So for the next hour, I asked, "Why is that mannequin in your backseat?" and "Where did you get her?" She kept avoiding my question, until finally.... she said it was for trying out new lighting techniques. Whatever, not buying it girlfriend!  So, I cannot tell you why or where she purchased Tanya, or if she has been hiding her in the closet all these years and is just now feeling comfortable enough to share her secret with the world! Or could there be even more to this story?
After our day was done, we made our usual stop... Mc Donald's drive through for our Large unsweetened teas! 
{Tanya was naked, but I insisted she cover up in public}
Tanya was sweet enough to pay.
{I laughed so hard at this sweet worker's expression, I could barely contain myself}

Shannon told one worker, this is what you do for fun after you have kids!
We'll always hook a girlfriend up, ice tea for everyone!
{I just noticed the mannequin in the blog before this one. How coincidental, 
two blogs & two mannequins}
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