fabulous get-away

Our Edisto get-away was fabulous! Our favorite beach is still Hilton Head, but I will have to say, Edisto does have great charm. (It's the perfect beach to fish.) The girls and I tried to tag along on the fishing trips, but our two female fish alarms were working their magic and scaring  sea life away for miles! 
Thank goodness for my cell phone and Poke-a-Mole! Phone turned Gameboy quieted this fish alarm for a few minutes.
Sweet Anna Katherine getting ready to enjoy dinner at The Thirsty Fish.

Mommy's kid friendly Pina Coladas

The waves were so intimidating. While the guys fished, we spent our time on the beach. Now that my kids are older, I can usually I can get in a few minutes of peaceful reading time. But, the waves were just too rough. I stayed on edge waiting for my girls get sucked out to sea. (really they were not, it just looked like that from shore) SO, I joined them and we rode the waves for what seemed like forever.
One of our favorite family beach activities!
THEN, mom wanted to take some pictures. REAL portrait pictures! When the kids see the big camera and a tripod come out, the moaning and whining kicks in. While joy riding, I saw this island and became fixated on it's beauty. I want pictures there! So, with pressed clothes and squeaky clean kids we set out close to sunset. 
I had it in my mind, that beaching a boat in the ocean was just like beaching it at the lake. WRONG. Even with Jeff's warnings, I begged. Being such a sweet husband, he promised to do the best he could to make it happen. He was able to anchor up about 10 feet from shore. We jumped out in knee deep water and sank half way to your knees in marshy sludge. It was so nasty you wanted to run and free yourself. But, that was impossible. So slowly I trudge, holding pressed paper white dresses above my head, while the girls screamed in disgust. Bennett continued to remind us how unsafe this was. We lost some flip flops, Bennett's broke in the mud. Jeff had to move the boat, it was beaching in an oyster bed.  We were on the beach covered in mud and the cameras were still on the boat. Eventually, snap  some pictures.
(I will have to share these later)
The boat did get beached, but Bennett saved the day. I have a hilarious video I would love to share, but he made me promise not to show it to anyone. Through all of the hassle and mud, it was worth every minute, the setting was breath taking!

I especially loved Edisto in the evening.

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