First Day of School

Breaks my heart that the years just fly by! It really is just a blink of an eye.
So excited...on the very first day. Everyone pops out of bed, ready to go!
But, time does change everything {smile}
Our half days have been filled with lots of laughter, friends and after-school lunches out.
 (parent rule: eat somewhere else or unseen in a corner)
Weekly highlights:
* Anna Katherine got a top locker. That's such a big deal for a middle school girl. Bennett didn't have a clue if his locker was top or bottom. Didn't have time to look.
* Bennett is taking drama. This will be interesting.
* I have spent my afternoons filling out forms, volunteering for things, writing checks and driving-driving-driving. August is the most expensive month other than December!
* Anna Katherine's teachers keep asking in amazement, "You're Bennett's sister?" 
quiet & reserved verses a comedian
* Bennett is taking French - not Spanish. Along with the majority of his friends. It seems, everyone loves the French teacher. But son, wouldn't you really use Spanish?
* Day One: Mary Claire loves her class and all of her friends. Day Two:  No longer liking school...why...she hasn't gotten to use her ruler.
*Everyday, Anna Katherine needs a new school supply.
*Goodbye cell phones! It's been wonderful. We have a no cell phone during the week rule. I had forgotten how much I loved this!
* Ready for a football game and some football weather!

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