great weekend

Swim Team...Yes, I definitely can take too many swimming pictures. Bennett moved up into the top division of boys. They are super fast! He placed 3rd out of 6 in his new division, but his times qualified him for State in every category.
Honey & PaPa Gene drove to Newberry for his meet. This was their first meet, they had no clue how things worked and they beat the family there. I asked Bennett, right when we got there where Honey & PaPa Gene were sitting.
"Ooohhh, theeeey're right over there sitting under the tent with the swimmers."
They had pulled up seats, behind the gate, under the tent  with the kids. {this can be compared to going to a baseball game and sitting in the dugout}  Mom said, "the kids were so polite, no one told us we needed to sit 'over there' " {with the other 100 adults.} 
Mary Claire moved up in her Sunday School division. She enjoyed a pool party with her new teachers.
Sunday afternoon at Aunt Rhonda's and Uncle Mike's. It was his birthday. To say Uncle Mike a character is a major understatement. 
And, to say my sister in law is a good cook is a major understatement. She is hands down, one of the absolute best southern cooks around. 
My kids declare this the coolest pool ever. {but, then again everything at their house is super cool." Anna Katherine started begging for a pool {been there, done that. not even a maybe. just a plain no.} She said, "then I'll just ask Santa." {please child... you're 12. Will we really need to have that Santa talk immediately after the birds and the bees talk?}

My response "Honey, Santa doesn't bring pools." My sister in laws response, "Yes, he does, he brought my kids this one." "Well we were assigned a different Santa, we got the poor Santa."
Love Mary Claire's technique getting her tube to the top!
A great afternoon! My kids had to be pulled wet, kicking and screaming to the car. 
And, last but not least. I wonder WHEN I will realize I can not cut hair...and when will my son stop letting me try. He hates going to the barber, even though he loves barber John, he just hates sitting still for 10 minutes every 4 weeks. SO, he continues to be my guinea pig.  This $16.99 haircut kit, I was convinced, was the trick I had been looking for. He came in after the shower, "Mom, it's lopsided." "No worry, not a problem,  I'll even that right out." "No, that's OK, I just tell everyone it was a home haircut."  
{I'm determined to perfect this before he leaves home in a few years}
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