visit from Kelly

It haS been a whirlwind of a weekend! In fact, our family just woke up from a rare, much needed Sunday afternoon nap!
Bennett's first swim meet for Wilson Hall was this weekend. We left at 6am and spent most of the day in the blazing sun. The average meet time is 5-7 hours. {wow} But, his wins were well worth it!
Bennett in the 100meter freestyle. He won first place!
Saturday night we had a wonderful visit with Kelly and a few dozen kids! We grilled out, ate amazing cake and laughed! Bennett organized a backyard football game! The two teams were: shirts verses no shirts. {I hope that meant girls verses boys}
Quite an amusing picture! Kelly said it looked like a message from God!

We also celebrated Joe's 13th birthday! He is such a precious child! The cake was made by his Nina and it was out of this world to say the least. I'm not an icing fan but, this icing you could eat by the spoon full. 
Only later did I realize the ingredients: butter, crisco, cream. sugar and vanilla

Love this girl! 
{she tried to delete this off my camera, but she was caught in the act!|

{Kiddie table}

Plenty of sweaty, backyard fun!

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