mac attack

Shannon may have met her match when it comes to seeking and creating mischief! 
No not me, but my Mary Claire...
The queen bee of mischief.
 Shannon's kids spent Saturday afternoon playing at our house. When we got home it was really late and all kids were tucked into their beds. Daddy being out of town, Mary Claire seized the opportunity to creep into my bed well after midnight. As she was climbing in, she said, 
"Momma, I painted Mac's nails. But, don't worry I painted them blue." 
8am, my telephone rings. I answered laughing. Country boy / hubby Allan was not  thrilled with Mac's new polish; nails & toes. 
Mac's girly toes, their planned Sunday afternoon trip to Charlotte and no polish remover in the house! Oh, how you gotta love some embarrassing payback... I'm just grateful I convinced her to email me the proof!
My Mary Claire; always has her mommy's back! That's my girl!

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