things that make you go...hhhmmmm

My curtain lady, a sweet Hispanic, who I am 99.9% certain is in the United States illegally, just billed me for my new dining room curtains.
She charged me sales tax
Does she even pay taxes? Not to mention the fact, services are not taxed.
I am homeroom mother for Mary Claire's classroom. I'm in n charge of making sure all of the volunteer spots are filled and volunteers do their job. A reminder how times have changed since I was in school. When I was little, a party meant  a cup of juice and a piece of candy. However now, for every party we have:
(1) party coordinator - (2) party helpers - (1) party runner
My husband hates it, lately I have not been a huge fan. But, what really is upsetting: Sunday school teachers, choir members, church leaders who are in positions of influence... requesting children as FB friends.... then posting completely inappropriate things on their pages. {sexual comments 'even a 6th grader get' and curse words. } However, right under the inappropriate post you may see, "Loved the pastor's sermon." {well, were you listening?} My daughter recently went on a youth trip where one of these adults supervised. She came how talking-talking how wonderful this church member was. Later she was on her brother's Facebook page and came across this person status update. OH MY! She was shocked...I was shocked...and her daddy was mad... Her exact words, "Mom, I thought ____ was a christian." If you want your FB page to be x-rated, please do not accept/request children. Shame on you!
Customers who bring their personal cameras to an appointment and photograph over my shoulder the entire time.

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