Twas the night before school starts

Twas the night before school starts and all through the house....
The book bags were hung on their hooks with care....
except Anna Katherine's. Who is a school supply junkie. She has packed...unpacked...organized... and reorganized her supplies to the point of obsession. She is so excited about starting middle school. Bennett calls her weird, the only person excited to start school. Her book bag remains safe and sound, beside her bed, she will be the first up and ready to go. 
{that's all the poem I have... corny enough already!}
Thank Heaven above summer reading is DONE. Bennett zips, through his books in no time. {Because, he absolutely loves to read.}  Anna Katherine on the other hand... she will have the neatest most organized summer reading notebook, but will drag it out until the night before. 
{this is a picture, a day before school starts, in the car, on the way back from visiting teachers.. just finishing the last chapter}
Back to our nighttime - bedtime rituals! 
Summers nights can be a 'hairy', staying up late, letting all routines slip .Well, not brushing teeth, but doing so at a particular time. 
{bird walk}
 My kids have always been obsessive teeth brushers... I will take credit for that {evil smile} Since they were little, I have told them of the horror of cavities...shots, long needles, pain...

I dread the day one of them has a cavity, because I will have a time convincing them it's not really that bad!} 
Once, when Bennett was little, he woke upin the middle of the night. He had forgotten to brush his teeth. Mortified, he came down stairs, "Mom, I forgot to brush my teeth, do you think plaque has formed yet?" "Well probably not, but you better brush them twice, just in case."  I used the same method with teen ache. But, I had to tone down the scare tactic, he was washing his face so often, it was giving him wash cloth burns.
I have always made my older kids lay out a week's worth of outfits, the Sunday before. Complete outfits; socks, hair ribbons, belts.... anything that they may need to search for 5 minutes before we must leave for school. This year, Bennett was given the responsibility of pressing all of his clothes. 
{if I only had a tape recorder, but it went something like this......}

 what, me? I have to iron my own clothes? why? that's not fair. Mom's do that for their kids. I hate ironing. I'm burning my shirt. See I just burned it. I'm getting another shirt, this one is too hard. Whhhhyyyy momma, I hate to iron. I'll just wear them wrinkled.... Knowing that wouldn't happen and I was holding his phone until he was done... he accepted a lesson in starching his shirts.. 

We'll sleep tight...until 6am 
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