Vacation Bible School
Every year, for I can't even remember, I enjoy teaching vacation Bible school. Our church is very large and the creativity overflows! For the last several years, I have taught Mary Claire's age group (5). This little class ran us wild and had us hoping! On our Saddle Ranch in room 110B, we had to lasso several little precious cow pokes. 
Bennett helped with music. One of the teachers kept begging him to sing. He can play a guitar, but he refuses to sing. Anna Katherine disappeared upstairs. I never once saw her until the end of the day.
One of my favorite thing about VBS, is getting time to catch up with my buddy Casey! She is a hoot, I don't think we ever stopped talking. (when we weren't teaching of course!) This picture was taken the very last day, we looked pretty whipped!
Our caffeine addition! This is one morning worth of drinks for the three of us! I
(Unlike last year's diet coke frenzy, mine were all unsweetened tea)

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