working with mom

Friday was take your kids to work day. 
{something I never do}
 But, it was one of the last days of summer, I hated them to spend it with the babysitter,  I knew my day was filled with older kids and high school seniors. So they loaded up and spent the day out and about.
Working with mom.
During my little breaks, I snapped some pictures of my favorite female subjects!
Run bug, RUN!
The heat was almost unbearable. Honestly, beside excercising, I do not think I have ever been so hot. The heat was making the girls a little delirious!
Mary Claire pretending to be a statue.
By the end of the afternoon, the heat zapped all of our energy. The girls made my day wonderful and were perfectly behaved, despite some of the pictures. We ended the day with a late lunch date a a little back to school shopping.

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