baby Caden

It was  a great weekend. Having a swim meet in Charleston gave us a great excuse to spend the entire day in one of my favorite places! I had the pleasure to visit / photograph my friend / customer at MUSC. Her baby Caden was born a few month ago with serious medical condition called Omphalocele. He is in the MUSC intensive care  awaiting surgeries.  He could be their for the next year of his life. This is a emotional yet, wonderful experience. I asked her if I could share a few on my blog. 
Please join me in praying for this dear family!
Brandolyn Lowerty said...


The pictures you took of baby Caden are just priceless!!! I am so glad you went downnto MUSC and took these pictures for them. Thanks for sharing them with all of us to see what a true blessing this little guy is. He is a true fighter and we continue to pray for him and his family daily!!

Brandolyn Lowery

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