Mini Cheerleading

 We look forward to this event every year! It's a great fundraiser for the cheerleaders and a huge hit with the little ones. 
Mary Claire and Margaret Briggs were so proud of their pyramid!
Justin Bieber's song was not cooperating in the press booth. So, the girls had to wait... It's times like these that you wonder if parents ask for their child to "not sit close to yours'' because they could be a bit distracting. And, as you can see, it will rub off!
Double name might be popular in the South and especially at their school. Pictured are: Mary Margaret, Mary Claire, Margaret Briggs, Sarah Margaret and Ainsley.
{try saying that five times really fast}
Anna Katherine stops by and makes a rare appearance. Tonight was 'white out'  Everyone was encouraged to wear white, it looked so neat! {More double names, Anna Katherine and Madeline Maury}
This is our great friend Gracie. Her mom is a wonderful, long time friend of mine. We were neighbors when we were pregnant with Bennett and Blake. Our three kids are with months of being exactly the same ages. Before her mom arrived at the game, her daddy let her get some unique tattoos. She loved them because they were sparkly! LOVE her! 

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