brief moments of failure

We've all had them...September's busy schedule  has sent it's fair share! But, with failure, we find laughter!

Last week, I  washed destroyed my husband's company cell phone. He was a good sport, he came home, quickly sent out a  mass email letting his company know that he could be reached at an alternate number for a couple days. What he didn't  know was caller's would hear : Please enjoy the music while your party is reached... then the song... "They call me doctor love"  plays until the phone is answered. Then, come the text messages. Bennett will soon find out that he accepted a request (via text, sent by a cheerleader and answered by his daddy) to be a Wilson Hall male cheerleader.  I'm not missing that pep rally!

Mary Claire has been blessed with an incredible  teacher who is highly organized!  This year,  weekly folders feel more like a college exam. A college exam  I am going to fail: sign this, don't sign there, sign here only at the end of the month, initials only, return these, but keep these, return and sign these... aaahhh, I see failure!  Well, last week I did what I have been doing for the last 10 school years. I carefully went through her papers, pulling out a couple to reinforce and a few cute ones for the fridge / keep box. And then, I throw the other 50% in the trash. (Mom's big fat F was right around the corner.)

Next day, Mary Claire gets in the car frantic.... " You were supposed to send back my papers. Now, I'm going to have to stand on the fence!"  Knowing I had thrown most of them away and we had spaghetti the night before?  "Calm down, the fence isn't so bad. It's better than taking a nap. It will only be for 5 minutes, bring your crayons, make something cute for the fridge."  Being our smart cookie, she takes it upon  herself to look in the trash... and finds them. (for once I'm happy my son didn't take out the trash when told) I hear, "MOMyou threw my papers in the trash!" (sounding like - how dare you)  Shocked she found them and knowing she is a daddy's girl a I answered,  "Honey, didn't throw your papers away. I would never do that...your daddy did."  {daddy gets an a+ for taking this heat & waiting on his new phone. sweet man.}
So tonight, when the GA director went room to room collecting milk carton mission banks. Mary Claire tells her, "My mom threw mine away." Uumm, did you mention you left it in he car and your brother stepped on it? Only then did I throw it away. And we still collected the offering in a baggie.
Things could always be worse!

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