Two of my favorite  people to pick brother in laws. I only have two, they couldn't be more different and I couldn't love them more! 
  Stephen is my sister's husband. He is such a great guy with and incredible giving spirit. He is a star tennis player/golfer, attorney and member of Mensa (well, he could be). We are both Type A and very much alike! (Readers, I'll share details when the election is over...wink-wink)  It's often a joke that if we married, there would be a daily firework show!  Holidays are great around here! But, all in jest of course!  And, my goodness, my gracious they create beautiful children. Here's sweet nieces cheering their daddy on for the upcoming County Council Election! 
Vote for Stephen Smoak 
Honestly, not just because he is family, he is THE BEST person for this position. 
With my sister's marriage to Stephen, she inherited award winning in laws! 
My sweet brother in law Mike. I have known and adored him for over 20 years now. He is my husband's only brother and packs enough personality for the entire town of Pageland. Ask anyone if they know him and they will say they LOVE him! He started playing the violin at 40 and he does an amazing job. Here's a few pictures of him at a wedding I was photographing. 
My one...My only...Sister in Law! 
(I will soon have to put her on my business payroll! Thank you, you are an awesome agent)
Rhonda and I  may have had our two oldest boys switched at birth. David is so much like his uncle Jeff, I'll spare the details, because they could be embarrassing to these lady killers! Mike is absolutely brilliant, a history buff / Civil War buff and the keeper of all random facts. My son is so much like his Uncle Mike! 
We are so proud of him!
Picking on these guys is as different as cats and dogs. 
(I know, this is a dorky comparison, but oh so true!)
 Puppies are fun to play with, they yelp, nip and snip, but if they are too rough they feel guilty and give the puppy eyes. Then, they are kind the rest of the day. While kittens have a completely different attitude. They jump, bite, growl and scratch! And when you turn you back, thinking playtime is over, they pounce! Not wanting you to get the last scratch in.  Can you guess who is the puppy and who's the kitten?
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