Shannon...I know.

It's been awhile since I've blogged about my good friend Shannon. My friend who loves to take awful, terrible pictures of me in... extremely awkward situations. She has my shared sense of humor.  She thinks I'm not on to her... 
But, Shannon, I know. I know.
 I know I am not photogenic and I can take awful pictures.
Thank you for always bringing this to my attention.
 I know I talk with my hands and it drives you nuts. And, yes I know I can look mean.
(but, did you mean to get the girl's rear in the pic?)
Yes, I know my head is larger than average and I usually need my roots touched up.
Yes, I know you have the ability to easily make friends with perfect strangers. Even managing to have a slices of wedding cake wrapped... especially for you.
 We get it, people like you.
I know that,  besides your husband, I question your taste in men. I really need to talk to Allan.
Yes, I know you ALWAYS talk me into doing thing I do not normally do. 
 A Bad influence maybe?

At the risk of sounding like a goodie two shoes, Shannon...
did I mention that I have only been in a liquor store 4 times in my entire life?  Once to buy rum for a cheesecake, once for margarita mix, once at an Indian gas station/liquor store to buy white wine for a recipe... and this time. (If it doesn't come in a fruity frozen mix from a restaurant or wine I can buy from  Wal-Mart, it's just not worth it.) But, there was no passing this store with Shannon in the car. She was stopping with or without me, and I was driving. 
But, Shannon, I will no longer be your enabler. 
We are going to dry you out! Diet Mt. Dew or Pepsi?
Detox will help with those moments of temporary insanity!
Ya know, they have medication for that...
*Love her great sense of humor...even though I will be screening out her calls for the next 48 hours. I will soon share the real story of the hippo / liquor store pictures...We didn't buy any alcohol, but it was quite amusing!
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