miss mouse's garden

This is one of our favorite children books. It's about a cute little mouse who's garden grows so large it over takes her home! This morning I kept thinking of Miss Mouse. I was sorting vegetables for my sister's produce co-op. It is a wonderful group, run mostly by my sister, miss mouse. {smile}
We used to take turns going to the farmer' s market. It was actually a lot of fun. Moms are paired up, meeting almost before the sun comes up and shopping the farmer's market for the freshest veggies and best deals. Recently, my sister made the system much more efficient. She now goes online the day before, shops, orders and the produce is delivered to her yard, before the sun comes up. We all have to take our turn sorting the baskets.
 I showed up a little late,  because compared to the down town girls, I live 15 minutes away in the country, a.k.a.-the edge of the earth. I arrived with my $2 cup of McDonald's coffee and my camera. First things first, ladies. It was a wonderful morning spent with women in bummy clothes an absolutely no make up! (I promised not to show faces)
Look at this irresistible face! My baby nephew Roger.
                                         Baby boy finally had enough sorting. I love that sweet hand around   his mommy!
This beautiful basket for only $20.  This produce co-op is twice a month, if you are interested in joining just email my sister (scsmoak@truvista.com) They love new members. If you do not have time to take a turn to sort, you just pay $25.
One last note...My three day diet has come to an end. Thank God. Never, ever would this plate of cheese crackers look as delicious as a Big Mac and fries. I was allotted (5), but I had to eat one before snapping a picture. On day three, you feel like the wicked witch of the west. The instant someone throws water on her, she shrieks... "I'm melting" This was me on day three. Not, because I thought weight may be melting or because I seemed like a witch, but because you have absolutely no energy and you physically / mentally feel like you are melting.  It's tough, it works, and it's only three days (at a time)! I highly recommend!
Charles and Angela McCall said...

I love reading your blog, Heidi :)
The co-op sounds wonderful....wish I lived close enough to participate!

Brantley said...

2 days in...7 lbs down!! Yay! I'm just worried I'll gain the weight right back when I return to "normal eating."

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