Sacs of Love

Sacks of Love Ministry works with schools and churches to provide backpacks each week of nutritional food to children that do not have enough food on the weekend. Recently, our GA's were able to participate and it was a moving experience.
Our girls brought food from home and helped pack the sacs. The food had to be items that the kids could fix on their own. In case there was not an adult to help. That was another sad thought.
The next time my kids say, "Mom, there's nothing to eat." I hope they remember this picture. This is all the food a hungry child may eat for an entire weekend. 
If you would like to contribute, here are some of the items they request.
Food items include: Individual servings of canned meat (Vienna sausage, potted meat, tuna, Beenee Weenees) Pop Tarts Individual Cereal Boxes Fruit Roll-ups and Gummies Fruit Cups Pudding Cups Small bags of chips Small bags animal crackers Breakfast bars Ramen Noodles Peanut butter and cheese crackers Juice boxes Milk boxes (do not have to be refrigerated) Small boxes of raisins
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