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The $100 squishy ball
$100 because Anna Katherine had to sell and we had to buy $100 worth of wrapping paper to get this coveted ball. {that turns into am egg when it meets a wall} All I can say is, that's a great salesman.
Coach O'Hare: Bennett gets to start his day with the most HILARIOUS history teacher alive. He runs marathons, has been married 30 years and his daughter also teaches at the school. The first thing we ask at the dinner table is, "What did coach O'Hare say today?" Not only is he hysterical and politically incorrect, he has a phenomenal teaching method and the kids stayed glued (and in stitches) for the entire period.  He is such a breath of fresh air! The day before open house he told the children, "Please make sure you tell your mothers that I am a happily married man. Because that's a big problem every year."
I could not stop laughing at the header on posted on his last test.
"The Man Your Mother Now Wishes She Had Married"
I wanted to include a picture of him along with this post. So, (while I was down the hall tallying wrapping paper orders), I sent Bennett with my camera. Bennett asked if he could take his picture for his mom, he said yes...but, in my natural state, attempting to look mean. Bennett said, "Coach don't you want to know why she wants it? Love the response, 
"Bennett it doesn't surprise me that your mother wants a picture of me."
{notice the writing on the wall. and he really is a happily married man. did I mention he teaches at a private school?}
Swim Team is coming to an end, only one more meet and then off to State!  Jimmy Newtron has made his parents proud! 
Many fun times and memories made.
What is Bennett saying with his face?
Mom - get out of the dugout!
A fun snip-it. The film quality stinks, it uploads to my blog in the tiniest format. Bennett is in the yellow swim cap.

Anna Katherine just returned from an incredible field trip! A trip to the Camp Kanuga, a.k.a. the great outdoors. The first night they were led to a field, given a tarp and some string. They had to build their own tent and sleep in it for the night.  No parents allowed. The tight bonds and friendships that already exsist, are even tighter after this experience.  I loaded her up with disposable cameras, so I can't wait to see the 175+ pictures.
The day we left, we had to leave home at 6am. Tempted  do the quick drop off  in my PJ's,  I choose exercise cloths. Thankfully-thankfully ones that matched. Because, after snapping this quick picture, I was locked out of my car. 6:30, no make up, no phone, coffee inside car. 
So, I sat and waited... until 8am. I did get to secretly watch my sweet girl load the big bus. 
She was worried she would get chosen for the little bus. They draw from a hat. Anna Katherine swears because her name is so long, and her paper is always twice as long as the other kids, she always gets chosen for everything"It's true mom, three girls chosen for May Court had double names." Honey, 75% of the girls at your school have double names. 
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