Until next year my love...

 You know you are in love when it is this hard to say goodbye. 
Saying a tearful farewell to summer. 
We shall say farewell, only for awhile, to late summer nights. 
 Lake goodies are being put away for winter storage and hunting gear is taking its place.
Farewell to hot endless summer days. Days full of family, fishing, watermelon, ice pops and home cooking.  We sure will miss all that time at The Smoaks!
At the end of the summer, I always wonder how next summer will be different.
Next Summer, our swim team will inherit a super star. These little legs could power a city!
And, this little swim face will definitely be smiling!
The Graves family need to start stockpiling these! I'm already planning our next summer getaway!  I'll bring the generator, Aunt Rhonda can do the cooking.
I'm already looking so forward to a repeat of this...
Mimi's next summer will definitely be different.
Because, baby boy will be completely mobile! We shall see if he "is as active as his daddy." And, just maybe...just maybe he will look a little more like my sister....
Pool bags are put away, counting the days until swim suits are packed, summer is over.  I'm going to make a pot of chili and think fall thoughts.
 Until next year my love.

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