A Dorothy wanna-be & Princess Plan B

We have the ruby slippers
We have Toto
But, we  could not find the Dorothy costume. Last weekend, I was bound and determined, come hell or high water, I was going to find that costume. Our entire family cleaned out all  attics, closets, hand-me-down bins...everything. We bagged up too many bags to count for Goodwill and still NO DOROTHY COSTUME. 
It is gone...
Nowhere to be found.
So one week before Halloween, I have costume accessories, but no costume. And, this is so out of character for me. I am the one who buys book bags in June and Halloween costumes in August, so I can get me first choice. So, it was to pan B. (which there really was no plan B, I wouldn't not let myself consider a plan B) 
So, I asked... "Mary Claire, what would you like to be if you can not dress up like Dorothy?"
"A Princess... either SnowWhite, Sleeping Beauty.....the list continued"
But, the princess I had in mind was going to be was a very-very unique princess...especially one week before Halloween. It's called the princess
"that is in stock and ready to ship."
So, for a mere $35, Princess Plan B, was delivered next-day-air. 
Just in time for our school's fall festival.

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