drug dogs & signs you are getting old

Unfortunately it's happening! I am getting old. Other than than the obvious signs, we are {boo-hoo} down to one last trick-or-treater. {big sad face}  Just in the past week, I have been gently reminded of the ticking hands of time. I am awful at remembering names! This week, while doing a bridal portrait the bride called me, "Mrs. Graves"  I did a double take a realized it was one of my former 4th grade students. Despite the fact that I started teaching at 21, I was still feeling really, really old! {Sniff-Sniff}
And again tonight, when I was given the name of a new math teacher in town. Bennett does so well with a math tutor and this man came highly recommended. I called him, we talked, then he figured out "I was his fourth grade math teacher."  He joked, "Mrs. Graves, Can't you help him? You were my math teacher ya know!" (that was fourth grade math, this is way above and beyond!) Two years from 40. It will be here before I know it! Here's a quote I LOVE and find so true! At twenty we worry about what others think of us; at forty we don't care about what others think of us; at sixty we discover they haven't been thinking about us at all.     -- Author Unknown

A funny tidbit from our dinner table. This conversation was between Bennett and me and daddy:
I was invited to a party this weekend. A party? Like a birthday party where you bring a gift? You are 14, by who? _______, I go to school with him. It's his birthday. He lives in town. Will his parents be there? Is it girls and boys? Yes, all his family and there will be a drug dog at his party.  What? Did you say drug dog? Yes Ma m. His dad got it. {laughing} What is he making all the kids pass through a drug dog before they can enter? Momma, I don't know!! He just said there would be a drug dog there. Well, that doesn't make sense. Do you rent a drug dog like you rent a bounce house? What's the point of that?Is it a pretend dog, like a man in a dog suit?  MOMMA, I don't know, I think it is real. He just said that. {not laughing} Well, that's just weird. Why would you have a drug dog at a party? What's this boys name again? Where does he live?  Does he do drugs? NO! He is a smart boy...in my math class! Plus, no one at my school does drugs. You're asking too many questions. Are his parents in  law enforcement? Because I would like to know where in the world they got a drug dog for a birthday party. MOMMA.... please, let me eat, I DON'T know!  Well, you're not going. Especially if there's a drug dog there. Does he go to church? Daddy chimes in, "Alright *Marie. So, Bennett, that settles it. Remember for next time; you can go if there's drugs at the party. But, NOT if the drug sniffing  dog shows up. {daddy was kidding of course! I plan to getting the story behind this drug sniffing birthday dog.  I'm just saying; strange}  *An Everybody loves Raymond reference!

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