Fall Break

Weather wise, is was the perfect fall weekend in the mountains. If I could special order 'my weather', this would have been it! Just chilly enough for a jacket, but not freezing. It was the kid's fall break, so we made a quick trip to Saluda, NC. The leaves were almost peak and we could actually see the color difference day to day.
The girls loved raking leaves. Sure wish they would love this at home. I think the 'idea' of jumping into them was much more appealing than they imagined. A couple of times resulted in a  bruises and I was convinced they would be crawling with bugs. But, they were not phased and loved it!
Daddy joined in for some 'fall beach ball volley ball'
Monday we headed to Skytop Apple Orchards. It is such a beautiful place, the views are incredible. We knew the apples were almost all gone, but we decided to enjoy the walk anyway. The kids would not accept that 'almost all' the apples would be gone, so they loaded up on baskets and wagons anyway. We spent a couple hours not doing much apple picking, but just savoring the beautiful day!
The trees were bare. We bought our apples instead. My favorite apple, Pink Lady.
Bennett; not following the "Do not throw apples sign" In his defense, no one was around and they were the rotten apples from the ground.
{Only Mary Claire}
We found a little tree off of the beaten path. It was loaded with small delicious apples. Mary Claire decided to see how many she could cram in her mouth.
Back to Honey's cabin for some fishing, reading, apple pie making and dinner time!
We picked up dinner at The Fresh Market in Hendersonville, fresh spinach, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese pizza (only $7.99 each) They were heavenly! I also bought  these cool okra chips. {delicious} The box was almost empty by the time we got back to the cabin. They are dried and salted and out of this world! We also tried the dried green beans and apple chips, sadly to say, they were not as tasty.
On our last day during pack up / clean up... In the final rush, I see Jeff come zooming by the front door on this scooter. The kids and daddy were playing instead of packing.

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