funkin patch

A few weeks ago, we made our annual trip the the pumpkin patch. We went with our great friends the Ketner's and had a fabulous day. I promised the girls we would each get a pumpkin when we got to the patch and promised an evening of fun caring them. The pumpkins were BEAUTIFUL! But, I hadn't anticipated on them costing around $24 each...seriously!
Immediately they laid claim to their perfect pumpkin!  I did love the stems!
Loved the colors, loved the texture.... But, I didn't love the idea of $75 worth of pumpkins that would be rotten before Halloween. I promised to go by Walmart on the way home and buys pumpkins ($4 each) for everyone! I'd even let them each spend a couple dollars (just to ease the whining of not leaving with a pumpkin) Driving into Walmart, the little town had just opened a Michael's craft store... We detoured in for the grand opening sale. 
We picked up some candy making kits for our promised evening of family fun!
While in Michael's I noticed the "Funkins" were on sale. They are the carve-able foam pumpkins. Jack-o-lantern Jackpot! Only  $5 each and they would last all season and even next year! "But, what about making pumpkins seeds." "Wouldn't you rather have candy? (LOL) We're making chocolate pops instead!"
 I talked the girls into (5) funkins, chocolate pops and $2 each from the dollar bin!
Bennett kept reminding me "this is so retarded"  and "lets put a candle in them and watch them catch on fire."
Not sure why we all carved out the tops... The funniest thing had to be the sound... It sounded like we were carving sheet metal with a butter knife. Kids were inhaling & covered in funkin dust!
Fun evening, but I doubt I will be able to talk them into this again next year!
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