It's Monday!

and I am crossing my fingers for a calmer week. Last week felt like category 5 tornado, with my family and I spinning in the middle
Here's a little recap:
Last week was WH's homecoming, A.K.A. spirit week. A very big deal at school. Anna Katherine and her girlfriends go all out. Organizing, dressing, coordinating for five days, with a half dozen, but a bit stressful.
{Disney Day}
{Hippie Day}
Shannon and I attended a much anticipated workshop a few hours from home.  After taking our seats, there was a fire drill.    Burned  Baked Alaska 
No big deal, some laughs, a photo op and a few minutes to mingle in the parking lot. 
Five minutes after taking our seats again...there was another alarm. OK, now this is not funny. A much longer wait in the parking lot causing our workshop to run very late! 
We arrived home at 2:00am.
Next morning up at 5am out by 7am. Off to photograph 100 children by noon...and not in a cheerful moodThis preschool is located in a Federal building. Every year...Every year, the security is a nightmare!  I'm all for protecting our homeland. But, this building is the extreme.  Five guards, in a practically empty lobby,  taking great pleasure in making me behave like a monkey. Why? I think, just because they can.
-take off your belt,spin around, completely empty your bags,put your hands through your hair, empty your pockets, two forms of ID, take a sip of your drink, turn you cell phone on and off, shoes in the tray, rub your tummy and pat your head....nope, sorry your not getting in. We are calling for your clearance. NO exceptions.
Unfortunately, I was NOT in the mood for their circus act. Especially when  the man behind me  strolled through, without an ID and a cup of coffee (he did not have to sip)  I wish they would have noticed their impending bomb scare was standing right in front of them. {ME}A middle aged photographer, getting ready to explode in their empty lobby!  
The kids were precious, which always put me in a great mood. But, the man behind the industrial leaf blower, terrorizing the kids for about an hour, made for a longer than expected morning. 
 As I am packing up, a live bat fell out of my bag. The clamp bag I grabbed from Jeff's shop, at 6am, in the dark. EEEEKKKKK....It's October alright!
After hiking 10 blocks to pack up, I was extremely tired.  But, too hyped up on caffeine to ever take a nap.  I perked up when I noticed  the gift left on my windshield. On the bright side, it was only $7.
Friday, I fought the mayhem at The Horseshoe attempting to  photograph a bride. Her grandmother had traveled to our State to be photographed at The Horseshoe with the bride, beside a sentimental brick {located dead center in the front of ESPN booth} Luckily, we got a few great shots and relocated! We did get to talk with Rick Henry and The USC president. 
On the bright side...
 My $400 replacement mirror arrived this week! It was ripped off while I was at church.
and Mary Claire only had to walk the fence one day, her first time this year. Why? During our week long tornado, we forgot to sign her agenda. 

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