The Pocahontas Motel

Anna Katherine and I are just returning from an unbelievable mission trip into the depths of the West Virginia mountains. If was an experience that is almost beyond something I can describe. I will post some pictures this week. But, on a lighter note, I must tell you of our first stop on our mission trip. 
The Pocahontas Motel
When my mom told us where we were staying, the paranoia began. 
When we got to the small town of Welch, it was like a ghost town. But, the fact it was 'a town' was a little settling. But, the GPS sent us 8 more miles into the hills. Panic rose as the banjo music is grew louder!
My fist concern was bugs. Haven't you heard about the growing epidemic of bed bugs. It's plastered all over TV. People are using their children's college savings to 'de-infest' their homes from these creatures. How are we going to sleep with bugs crawling all over us? Mom was really freaked out, our imaginations were running wild. Mom talked to an exterminator and found out that bed bugs will not crawl on plastic. SO, mom had a plan..... cover the entire room in plastic and we would be fine. Then, all we had to worry about were the desperate drug addicts we had been throughly warned about. So, here's what mom brought 
                   1. a gun (she has a concealed carry permit...)
                   2. enough plastic to cover our 200 sq. ft. room
                   3. our own sheets
                   4. bleach (to clean up the crime screen, I'm guessing)
However, we were pleasantly surprised. The room was very, very clean. The sheets smelled like bleach, no signs of bed bugs. I was very happy. Mostly likely no bed bugs, if we were going to be attacked by bugs it would be good old fashioned lice. And, there's shampoo for that! I laughed at Anna Katherine. She kept asking, "How many stars is this mow-tell?"
Knowing all too well, I could not pass up the opportunity when this moth landed on the wall.  Our last night we were completely exhausted. Everyone was tucked into bed when I  yelled,
"THERE'S a bed bug"
Oh, if you could have been a fly on that wall! I'm  laughing as I type.
This is on a light note. 
I will share our 'real' moments soon. Some of the pictures are quite unbelievable.
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