seven years old

Happy Birthday Mary Claire
Seven years and it seems like two, it really is a blink of an eye! Mary Claire celebrated her birthday at the skating rink with her cousins and school friends. 
A cute-cute bunch of kids, with some wild energy!
Anna katherine, as always was such a big helper. I was horrified at all of the falls, just convinced there was going to be a broken arm. But, she led them around and was the perfect party planner.
Bennett....obviously too cool for the skating rink.
There was a lot of falling. I'm sure some went home with bruised tail bones and sore limbs! They loved it, but I'm thinking  seven is too young for a skating party! 
It's confirmed...Bennett plays too rough with his cousins. I kept shouting, "Don't swing her by the arms." His response, "But, she likes it, she is laughing!"

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