a shout out to Willard Farms

Love this farm. It is new, a must see! It is located about 15 miles out of Sumter. The people are so very nice and the food is delicious! We spent a great day with The Keltner's.
For $14 per child, they will get lunch, hayride, corn maze, pumpkin and the playground. {The playground is so unique!} I would love this dirt slide if I wasn't very claustrophobic ! The girls flew down time and time again! Amy & I sat at the bottom snapping away!
Mary Claire was So scared to go through the corn maze. He brother told her the 'children of the corn' lived in there (he doesn't even know who they are) and another 6year old told her they got lost for two hours. It didn't take her long to get over her fear! Goldie collected corn cobs, while Mary Claire tried to figure out 'if' she could eat them with her current teeth situation.
Picture taken by Goldie!
The little ones and I took the short cut! We beat Amy and the big girls by ten minutes!
Picking Collecting our pumpkin.
Mary Claire had high hopes of getting a gigantic pumpkin. "These are gourds!"
The shopping is quaint! A little candy shelf...
...and a bar full of homemade fudge! We tried the pumpkin pecan...words cannot describe! Fudge is incredibly easy to make and I plan to make this...soon!
Opps....one of the girls took this picture! 
It was a great day with Amy & Gayle! Love them!
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