The State Fair

We haven't been in a couple of years,  but this year opening day just happened to fall on Mary Claire's birthday. She was thrilled to find out right after school , we were heading to the fair. What I didn't know, was that Bennett had a huge test the next day and he decided to stay home and study instead. Very responsible, I know, but we are still getting used to this teen thing, allowing him to opt out of family events. This was a little one who was always glued to our sides and never missed a chance to be out with his family.

We started planning out 'eats' on the ride down. And, I will say we made complete PIGS out of ourselves. 
Now, I love doughnuts and I love cheese burgers. But together?  {YUCK} I'm just waiting on next years new fried fair food. I think I know what it will be: 
something so bold, so audacious, so brazen, it’s bound to take your breath away. My guess:
Deep-fried butter
That's awfully close to an elephant ear. My second guess would be: deep fried crisco nuggets
Just love downloading my pictures and finding funny ones my kids took...without me knowing! Here is me, eating fried mushrooms and making a complete pig of myself.  
{photo compliments of Mary Claire}
And, after all that greasy, fried food...we decided to get our otside greasy and dirty. We rode a few rides! 
Notice what addy is staring at? The painting of the lady had been given a black eye and arm hair. So funny!
Isn't it funny what some people will do in front of hundreds of people? It did look comfortable. 
Love this animal. WHY? Because this is how I feel after my morning pot of coffee.
Sitting in my office, working, caged in and highly caffeinated!
We love to look at the animals. I swear it's the same animals, just a different year. Jeff kept pointing out to the girls "Can you guess the male bird? Well, it is the bright colorful one. Almost all animals of the male species were made more beautiful than the female, like ducks...blah-blah-blah..." Finally, I had to respond..."Yes, girls even in the animal world, the men work the women to death. It's hard to look bright and colorful when you're storing up seeds for an entire family, for an winter, taking care of the nest, feeding babies and telling the male bird he is beautiful....With all of that work, you would have the color sucked out of you, too." SQUAK-SQUAK!
A great evening and we left with only mild tummy aches. We did bring Bennett back two of his favorites; a funnel cake and turkey leg.
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